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Harnessing Emerging
Tech for Global Good

Our mission is to combine the latest technology and industry experts to take on climate, health and social challenges we face as a global community.

The problems we are working on

.01 / Dropping Fertility Rates

Fertility and birth rates are dropping dramatically. Men make up to 50% of infertility cases but most fertility care is only provided to women, which is more expensive and invasive. Flatiron Foundation has partnered with leading male fertility experts to build a free AI-powered male fertility improvement tool called Swimmers.

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.02 / Worsening Lake Health

Our natural water sources are experiencing major issues. Oceans and rivers are hard and expensive to control and improve, but lakes are within reach. Data and strategies exist to make a difference but we lack the technological infrastructure to gather, anaylze and optimize.

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.03 / Growing Online Misinformation

During the Covid19 surge there was a flurry of misinformation impacting the proven most impacted group, the elderly. Flatiron Foundation partnered with Facebook and the AARP to help fight misinformation in an effective and measurable way. The success of this project is basis for the newly launched “Digital Media for Health Outcomes” course from the Yale Institute for Global Health.

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